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Caros colegas,


E finalmente há boas notícias na " newsletter " da GLASER.

Não só a oferta recente inclui uma espécie ovípara de fertilização interna, como há
uma Molinésia à moda antiga... daquelas que eu gosto, sem corpo de balão nem
barbatanas desenvolvidas.

Mas cada um tem a sua opinião e eu fico com a minha.

Um abraço

Miguel Andrade 


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Tatia strigata


Once more we were able to import a species new for for the hobby: Tatia strigata.
This small species - maximum length reported is around 6 cm - has been discovered and
described as late as 1995. The unique colour pattern that differs slightly
individually makes the species unmistakable. As in all Tatia, males can be easily
recognized by the modified anal fin that is used for internal fertilization. Females
of Tatia spawn in absence of males. Breeding of many species of Tatia was already
successful in aquaria.


Tatia are very peaceful, night active animals that can be fed with any conventional
fish food.


For our customers: the fish have code 295804 on our stocklist. Please note that we
exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Lexicon: Tatia: dedicated to Charles Tate Regan, who was ichthyologist at the British
Museum. strigata: Latin, means "striped".

Suggestion of a common name: White striped tatia

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer


Mollienesia sphenops Marble Ancient 

The livebearers form the backbone of the aquarium hobby, which is unthinkable without
Guppy, Platy, Molly and Co. Currently there are two trends recognizable regarding the
breeding of these fish: one trend is towards the wild forms, which were at times
simply unavailable in the trade; the other trend goes in direction of new and
colorful sports, but without the to-date usual enlargement of the fins. This leads to
a fish with the original charme of the wild form, but with brilliant coloration. The
breeders in Asia term these sports "ancient".

The short finned molly (however, the correct spelling of the word should be "mollie",
as the genus is named for a Mister Mollien), which we can offer currently, is a
perfect example for such a new sport. The magnificent animals are very hardy and
display the diverse behaviour of the wild forms. For example in this sport the rank
in the hierarchy is shown by the yellow and black pattern in males. The more dominant
a male is the more contrasting colours it displays!

For our customers: the fish have code 432182 on our stocklist.Please note that we
exclusively supply the wholesale trade.
Lexicon: Mollienesia: dedication name for Monsieur Mollien; the genus is currently
seen as a subgenus of Poecilia by most ichthyologists. sphenops: ancient Greek, means
"with pointed head".

Suggestion of a common name: Antique Molly

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer


Mollienesia sphenops Marble Ancient Lyre Tail 

... and for all those who like it a bit more fancy: this sport also exists with lyre
tail fin. Code: 432192




Leporinus arcus 


Currently we were able to organize one of the rare imports from  Guyana and so we
have the beautiful Leporinus arcus originating from there in stock again. The genus
Leporinus contains almost 100 species and is thus pretty big. Nevertheless only very
few species could establish themselves as aquarium inhabitants. Most of them become
quite large, are quarrelsome and eat any plant they can find. Most species are simply
too dull in coloration to keep them despite this nasty behaviour.


Leporinus arcus also becomes quite large. Maximum length reported is around 40 cm.
However, in the wild most of them will never grow bigger than 15-20 cm and besides
this they are very pretty. Leporinus arcus are ideal tankmates for larger South
American Cichlids or to bring some colours in a tank with predatory fish. Likewise
other Leporinus they develop a social hierarchy. So it is much better to buy animals
of different size, because equally sized animals will fight much harder with each
other. Once the hierarchy is established the fish live in relative harmony together.


For our customers: the species has code 265802 on our stocklist. Please note that we
exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Lexicon: Leporinus: Latin, means "hare-nose". arcus: Latin, means "bow" and
"rainbow"; it is not explained what Eigenmann meant by giving this name in the
original description, but most probably the name applies on the lower longitudinal
stripe: ("... another (band) curving from the eye downward and back to the lower edge
of the caudal")

Suggestion of a common name: Lipstick Leporinus

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer


New in stock Calendar week 5, 2011

Dear customers and subscribers of our newsletter,

our weekly importatios regularly content species and varieties we never or only very
occassionally had in stock. Thus they are - at least for us - new. Sadly it is for
different reasons not possible to portray all of them in detail. However, we want to
show you at least some of the most interesting of them by a photograph. Enjoy!


Your Aquarium Glaser Team



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