[Cyprinodontiformes] GWG - Barcelona 2010

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Quinta-Feira, 16 de Setembro de 2010 - 21:33:59 WEST

Prezados colegas,

Junto envio mais notícias sobre Barcelona.
Quem necessitar de tradução já sabe como proceder, caso contrário enviem-me uma

Um abraço

Miguel Andrade 

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Hi everyone, just to increase interest in the meeting: 

In Edus absence, I have looked for lecturers for our first meeting. For the moment,
we have 4 lecturers, all of them of big interest: I do not have to present Alain
Grioche to you. I think, you all know him very well. The second one is also a french
speaker. It is Philippe Chevoleau. He was Chief redactor of the online magazine
"Aquatic" and the national magazine "Aquaplaisir" and is actually Chief redactor of
"Aquamag", the first french national magazine about aquariums. The third one is Don
Kenwood - I think, I do not have to explain his role in the HALCP and the
conservation of Goodeids to you. The forth and last is Mr. Shane Webb, one of the
greatest experts in Goodeid systematics. He will arrive from the States. 
I have asked two more people, one Spanish and one Mexican but living in Madrid for
support in this meeting, but I do not have answers till now.

What we also will need, are things to be discussed in the roundtable. Alain gave me
some topics, and I added 3 from my side. 

Concerning roundtables: 

- stock management
- Outdoor breeding
- feeding Goodeids
- water needs
- status of the GWG (association - working group)
- fundings
- marketing

Please add your wishes, and we will discuss them all in the roundtable. I would like
present at the beginning of the roundtable the status of the website, if this is

For the moment, all the best, Michael

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