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Domingo, 12 de Setembro de 2010 - 01:00:41 WEST

Prezados colegas,

Aqui vão as primeiras mensagens entretanto recebidas sobre o primeiro encontro do
As datas são entre 5 e 7 de Novembro e o local é Barcelona.
Assim que souber de mais novidades envio-vos as últimas notícias.
Alguém está interessado em participar ?

Um abraço

Miguel Andrade 

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Em nome de Michael
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Dear friends,

after months of trying, we have managed it to fix a location and a date for our first
GWG meeting. Thanks to Edu Obis, who was and is very active in preparing this
meeting. By the way, I would like to congratulate fim for finishing his studies and
making his degree. Also I would like to whish him a nice month in Costa Rica. 

Please note, that this is just a brief information in advance. After Edu is back, we
will get more detailed information.

The meeting will be held in Barcelona, concrete location is the museum Cosmo Caixa
Barcelona, a wonderful place in Barcelona. The only drop of bitterness is, that it is
the weekend from 05. to 07. of November. That is the same weekend, where the
International Symposium in Chester is held. A situation, I would have wished to
avoid, but it wasn´t possible to get another weekend for our meeting. I am very sorry
about this.

Nevertheless, I will give you a preliminary timetable:

Beginning: Friday, the 05. of November, starting in the evening with an ice breaker
party in the museum. Saturday the 05. is scheduled for the conferences and round
table, dinner in the evening with typical spanish specialities, discussion and free
conversation as long as the night...
Sunday the 7., the programm will be a visit of the Aquarium in Barcelona or the
Amazonic tank of the Cosmo Caixa Museum.
Thereafter the meeting will end.

Lecturs and lecturers aren´t fixed till now, so if somebody would like to held a
lecture, he or she is welcome. Length of the lecturs should be between 25 and 35
minutes. What we should clear in advance are the points for the round table, so we
can save time. I would like to ask somebody of you to list up the points, any

I know, that this is all becomes very tight. I know, that the preparation of this
meeting is not optimal, but it is the first one, and therefore, for trying it in a
very short time and for acting as a guinea pig, I show the spanish group respect for
starting this endavour. Of course, there are some teething troubles, but that will
change till the next one (2011, we will have the meeting in France).

Edu told me, the conference room is made for approximately 50 persons, so we need a
number of people, that will attend the meeting for planing the number of meals, so if
anyone is sure, he comes, please tell me and I will hand it over to him when he´s
A list of hotels, Edu will hand over to us, when he is back, means midth of

Cheers, Michael

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Very good news ! 
I will be there.
For your motivation:
Cosmo Caixa is a kind of science museum with a really interactive concepte. a good
place to learn and enjoy. 
Barcelona is only one hour driving from some Aphanius biotops, a little more from
Valencia biotops, three hours from Penicola, another famous location for Aphanius.
For your wifes and families, a lot to visit : Sagrada familia, Parque guell, Casa
batllo, pueblo iberico, zoo... and a very beautifull public aquarium. 
See you in Barça ! 

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