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Domingo, 8 de Março de 2009 - 23:26:05 WET

Prezados colegas,

No seguimento da mensagem anterior, apresento-vos a continuação do diálogo
em causa.
Nunca é demais alertar-vos para o facto de que, dentro das disponibilidades
de tempo livre será sempre possível fazer-se a tradução necessária.

De: Brian Zimmerman
Enviada: terça-feira, 30 de Dezembro de 2008 14:20
Para: Michael Koeck; Ivan Dibble; Martin Ravn Tversted; Joel Healy; Miguel
Andrade; Colin Grist; Omar Dominguez; Brian Zimmerman; Miguel Zapater; Matt
Naumann; Alain Grioche; Gasper Gomboc; Guenther Schleussner; Gunter
Teichmann; Guenter-Ellenberg; Horváth Balázs; Kleine Horst; Harro
Hieronimus; Anton Weissenbacher; Dietmar Kunath; Erwin Radax; Patrick C.
Schmitz; Roman Slaboch; Kees de Jong; Stefan Hertwig; Jen Nightingale, Jonny
Assunto: RE: Michael Koeck's idea

Thanks Colin,
It’s great news to hear that Topiltzin will be commencing the review of
Mexican freshwater species, which will allow the holders of Cyprinodonts to
prioritise which species to keep.  I am sure there will be many more
additions to the list of those requiring captive management and perhaps some
of those that we have worked with for years may be lower priority now.
I can add to Colin’s list that the ZSL hold the following species:
Cyprinodon alvarezi
Cyprinodon longidorsalis
Cyprinodon veronicae
Cualac tesselatus
Aphanius dispar dispar
Valencia letourneuxi (Pinios River)
Valencia letourneuxi (Corfu island)
Ameca splendens
Ataeniobius toweri
Chapalichthys pardalis
Characodon lateralis
Girardinichthys viviparus
Ilyodon furcidens ameca
Zoogoneticus tequila
Skiffia francesae
Allotoca goslinae
At ZSL we have dedicated our entire breeding room over to Goodeids, holding
at least two populations of each species we keep.  This is due to expand in
2009 with a large number of holding tanks of 500 litres each.  I am
therefore greatly anticipating the reviewed list so that we can prioritise
our expansion.  I have been speaking to Jonny Rudd at Bristol Zoo and they
also have several holding tanks available in which they would like to keep
priority species of Cyprindonts.
I agree that the work of the Fish Ark should be fully supported in Mexico
and our aim at ZSL will be to provide back up populations of key species as
advised by them.
Best regards to everyone for a great 2009!
Brian Zimmerman
Assistant Curator - Aquarium
Zoological Society of London
Regent's Park
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 207 449 6286

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